The 5 Best Solar System YouTube Videos
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The 5 Best Solar System YouTube Videos


Our home Solar System

Our solar system is a very interesting place to reac about and study up on.  Throughout the various distances from the Sun each of our planets, their composition and environments makes each world extremely unique.  I thoroughly enjoy reading up on as much as I am able with just about anything regarding our universe, galaxy, the local group of galaxies and here lately, our solar system.

Where I do most of my research on the Solar System

Much of my reading that I do with anything regarding astronomy is usually through Wikipedia.  These articles typically contain the most valuable information that I find relevant to the particular topic I’m looking up.  Not only the raw information is nicely laid out and easily read, but there is quite often some very good imagery of the subject I’m interested in at the time.

Within the Wikipedia articles there is a wealth of outbound links to other sources of information on any of the sub-topics within the article.  Often times, there will be terminology I’m not familiar with that much of the time will be linked to either another Wikipedia article or external source that provides further information.  This is always extremely helpful.

Before we get started with the list, some helpful educational items that could be interesting to you.

Some of my favorite YouTube videos on the Solar System

Now these don’t have any set theme or topic about them, but for me, I found them extremely informational and inspiring.  I hope you find them just as inspiring as I did.

1. Solar System to the Hades Cluster

This video is great for giving some perspective on the scale of our solar system to other local clusters and our galaxy, the Milky Way, itself.

2. The formation of our Solar System and our Sun

This video is older, but very informative.  The video gives some very good information about our Sun, solar system and beyond.  I’m never one to criticize the quality of a video if the information is there.

3. Birth of The Earth | Science Universe Documentary

Narrated by none other than Neil deGrasse Tyson, this video explains how our home planet, Earth came to be.

4. Earth Compared To The Rest Of The Universe

As the title suggests, this video is quick and to the point with showing you just how insignificant we are in this universe. We are basically but just a very tiny blip in the timeline of the universe.  From our human race starting point, to our end. We affect very, very little on the grand scheme of things.  This video is mind blowing for putting that into perspective.

5. Solar System 101

From one of my favorite channels as a kid, comes a great 101 lesson on our solar system.

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