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Cloudflare’s – Privacy for your DNS Lookups with the Performance of the Cloudflare Network Launched on April 1st.  4/1 or four 1’s.  Pretty clever. On April 1st, 2018, Cloudflare launched it’s own public DNS (Domain Name System). With a very memorable and easy to remember IP address to add to your computer or router of, similar to Google’s and, this isn’t a public DNS system […]


Get a CSV file of users who haven’t logged in over 90 days with Powershell

As the title suggests, this script will query Active Directory and create a CSV file for you to review accounts that haven’t logged in in over 90 days. get-aduser -filter ‘enabled -eq $true’ -Properties lastlogondate | Where-object {$_.lastlogondate -lt (get-date).AddDays(-90)} | Export-csv C:\users\public\desktop\inactive_users.csv -NoTypeInformation -Force