About Travis

Hello, I’m Travis.

Glad to see you here!  I’m just a normal human being living the dream.  I work in the Information Systems industry mainly as a Windows Server Administrator.  I’ve been in many different industries such as Healthcare, Managed Services, Web Development agencies and more.  My main concentration however has been in the Healthcare and HIPAA space.

I currently reside in New England but I’ve lived all over. From New Mexico and Arizona, to Virginia and New England. I have a wonderful family that is my everything.

I have a few hobbies that I enjoy doing outside of spending time with my wife and kids such as playing video games to escape for a bit and a little bit of web development on the side.

I build basic sites from WordPress and some custom ones that I built from scratch as just a learning and testing playground.  You can see one of those here: Some website on the internet.  I mainly focus around the frontend and infrastructure of these sites, even though I do understand and manage the backend such as database etc. (just not my strongest suit).

Feel free to connect with me on Twitter or Github or follow me on YouTube.