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5 of my favorite Free WordPress themes for 2018



I’ve gone through a lot of WordPress sites over the years, and now that it’s 2018, I’ve found quite a few that I consider my favorite themes for WordPress so far.  Ranging from Artist sites, news sites, agencies and personal blogs.  Along the way, I’ve gone through a lot of themes finding just the right one.  All of these themes have a free version (which I typically use first to see if I like it), so you can get started with these themes without spending anything up front.  I’ve found and used a lot of themes, but these are five that I think of first when creating a new site or redesigning an old one.

The List


1. Vantage – By SiteOrigin

Vantage has several layout options for the blog like traditional and grid layouts. Of course, with it being from the creators of the SiteOrigin PageBuilder, the two obviously work very well together.  I’m a huge fan of the SiteOrigin crew and their products.  I’ve purchased the Pro version of PageBuilder and it’s totally worth it.



Dynamic News Lite Theme

2. Dynamic News Lite – By ThemeZee

What this site is currently using.  I just love out clean the corners are, the layout is easy to navigate, and updating the theme has been very simple and straightforward.  This is a very good theme for bloggers and news sites.



Collect Theme

3. Collect – By Alphabet Themes

Collect is a very clean and beautiful portfolio and personal blog theme.  Before deciding to go for a lot of content on my site, I was using this theme to showcase my skills, previous work and really just as a scratchpad for my own notes.  Which you can still find on here if you dig back far enough 🙂



Astrid Theme

4. Astrid – By aThemes

Astrid is another very clean and easy to setup business theme.  I’ve used this theme in the past for some of my solopreneur adventures and was always really happy with it.  It responds well, it’s clean, and works very well with most plugins.



Sydney Theme

5. Sydney – By aThemes

Sydney is yet another theme I’ve used (and currently still in use) on some agency websites I’ve built in the past.  This theme also works very well with SiteOrigin page builder and it’s CSS / theme files are very easily understood and straightforward to modify if needed.

To Close Up

All of the themes I mention here are themes I’ve used personally.  I didn’t simply search for popular WordPress themes and create a post on it.  These are truly themes that I have personally used and like (and will recommend).  I’m not getting any incentive to recommend these either, this is simply because I wanted to share them with you!

I’ve used many, many other themes out there before obviously, but these are usually themes I go to first.

Travis Wade
Travis Wade
Just a normal human being living the dream. I'm an IT professional in the Healthcare space with a love and passion for cloud computing and highly redundant infrastructure.

2 thoughts on “5 of my favorite Free WordPress themes for 2018”

  1. All WordPress themes are very good designed. Their features are awesome.
    I want to recommend you to check out my favorite WordPress theme Probit also. It is a simple and easy to use free responsive WordPress theme that you can use for your non profit organizations website. It offers unlimited theme color options to help them change the look of their website and set their brand apart from the competition. You can make use of blog timeline template for Facebook like timeline feature for your blog page.

    1. Hi Anna, you’re very right. Most themes are very well designed for the most part. The included features in a theme are always wide and varied, often times extremely useful such as theme options, custom headers, layouts etc. Thanks for your comment!

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